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The Ultimate Cyclist
For competitive and recreational cyclists.  Guaranteed to improve your Relaxation, Focus, and Motivation. This track will help you fine tune your mental game and achieve performances you never thought possible.

The Ultimate Athlete
For competitive and recreational athletes competing in team and individual sports.  Guaranteed to improve Relaxation, Focus, and Motivation.  Get the most out of the sport you love.

The Ultimate Triathlete
For competitive and recreational triathletes.  Guaranteed to improve Relaxation, Focus, and Motivation, this CD.  Smooth your transitions and perfect your pace.

Ultimate Fitness
Improve your motivation.  Get the most out of every workout you do whether your goal is strength, weight loss or just general fitness.  Never dread going to the gym again!

Ultimate Sports Recovery
Speed recovery from hard workouts or sports related injuries. Use the power of the mind to help the body restore itself.  Believe your way to faster, stronger healing.

Levi Leipheimer
Olympic Bronze Medalist

Marco Pinotti
Italian National TT Champion
Giro di Italia Stage Winner

Chris Baldwin
2 Time US National Time Trial Champion

Hayden Godfrey
World Track Champion

Coryn Rivera
15 Time US National Champion
Joe Friel
Author, Coach

Chad Hartley
U.S. National Madison Champion

Kirk Albers
Coach and former Jelly Belly team captain

Sima Trapp
Pro Cyclist

Pete Lopinto
Pro Cyclist

Lennard Zinn
Senior technical writer for VeloNews

Joe Friel
Author, Coach
Train Your Body     Train Your Mind
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