Monthly Custom Coaching Program

A premiere coaching package for those who want a very high level of fine tuning and customization.

  • Initial 60 minute consultation
  • Fully customized training schedule
  • Detailed daily training instructions
  • Instruction on nutrition, skills, tactics,
  equipment and mental training

Custom Pre-Built Three Month Program

All the benefits of  a custom plan but but without the monthly adjustments and weekly analysis.

  • Initial 1 hr Consultation
  • Fully Customized 3 month Schedule
  • Detailed Daily Training Instructions
  • Testing and Training Zone Analysis

One on One

After just a few of these sessions, you will be armed with the knowledge and the tools necessary to continue to develop your cycling for years to come.

Coaching Consultation
In this in depth conversation, I will analyze and dissect any factors that may be effecting your ability to reach your goals and give you specific advice on how to make your training more efficient.  This includes guidance on training schedule, diet, recovery, sports psychology, equipment and goal setting. 

Road Test
I believe that lab testing is great if you do your training in a lab but to get accurate feedback that is relevant to the actual training you do, your testing should be done out on the road.  This test will give you all the information you need in terms of heart rate and/or power to get the most out of every ride you do with the added bonus of being able to repeat the test at any time throughout the season to gauge your progress.

Skills and Technique Session
In 90 minutes I will turn you into a better, safer, more confident rider.  This session is about more than just teaching you how to handle your bike.  These drills have been specially designed to actually improve your body's innate understanding of balance and center of gravity.  Most importantly, I will create for you a new sense of confidence that will allow you achieve a level of relaxation and focus you have never known.

Mental Coaching
In this session which can be done in person, over the phone or via Skype, I will create a customized mental training program designed to address any psychological barriers you may find yourself up against.  We start with the identification of your unique negative thought patterns.  Based on this I will create a series of personal mantras and positive affirmations and teach you how and when to use them.  We finish with a powerful personalized hypnosis session.  Includes a free sports hypnosis CD.

Feel free to contact me for more information on any of these services.

  • Unlimited phone or e-mail interaction
  • Unlimited schedule adjustments
  • Weekly data analysis and updates
  • Testing and training zone analysis
  • Weekly Client/Coach E-Mail Contact
  • Tips on Nutrition, Skills Tactics and Mental Preperation
Train Your Body     Train Your Mind