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As team director and an active racer, I am very selective about what I put in my body and in the bodies of my riders.  I've seen a lot of "miracle" supplements come and go and it is very rare that I get behind one with this level of enthusiasm.  We've all been using it and we all agree that it is the real deal.  Read on and make your own decision.  Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

- Josh Horowitz
  Director, Adageo Energy Pro Cycling

Colter Hammer
Endurance Sports
Achieved personal best in a half marathon after six days of taking ASEA™.  Ran his first negative split and dropped his pace by nearly a minute per mile in the 2nd half of the marathon.

“I actually continue to get better in the 2nd half of my workouts and my races”

Mark Thunell
1000 Warriors Bike Race
96 Grueling Miles
14,000ft of climbing
“After 84 miles in I felt as good as I did at the start.”  “After crossing the finish line … I enjoyed my afternoon with significantly less soreness and fatigue than ever before.”

Terry Chiplin
Runs “Active at Altitude” training retreat in Estes Park, CO
Coaches endurance athletes from around the world
“After one week I noticed a difference in my breathing was easier for a given pace and my heart rate started to reduce by two weeks”

Achieved a PR in 4.5 mile trail run and won his age group.

Coaches a 10k runner – showed a 7% improvement in four weeks with ASEA™!

Mike Jarvis
College Basketball Coach
Started Coaching in High School
Coached at Boston University & St Johns University
Coaching at Florida Atlantic University
Feels more alive in the morning than ever and less irritable when coaching.  “As the day goes on I maintain a higher level of energy and at night sleeps like a baby”

Looking to make ASEA™ a part of the team’s daily routine.

“This is going to be a must product that any athlete or any team that wants to achieve and be a championship team will want to have”

Michelle LeSueur
Bio-Energetic Practitioner
Masters and Doctorate in Energetics
Certified Nutritional Specialist
Certified Nutritional Counselor
Product Formulator
Sent ASEA™ to fitness models.  The results were phenomenal. One client’s body fat has gone from 14% to 7%.

Talking about training with weights: “Cells repair at a faster which means you can build bigger muscles and not be as sore.”

Road Bike
Action Magazine
product review

The ASEA folks spent some bucks for some independent tests and discovered that athletes, on average, could push 10 percent longer at their maximum thresholds with high results in the 30-percent range and lows around 7 percent. After testing this stuff for three months, I’d have to agree with them. We could pedal harder and longer and recover from repeated, efforts in ridiculously short intervals. The word “recovery” is the operate in the ASEA equation.

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Day to Day Health
Enhance Glutathione Efficiency Naturally

Essentially, ASEA improves cellular communication.  One of the effects of this is an increase the effectiveness of the body’s most important natural antioxidants (Glutathione, Catalase and SOD) by over 500%. 

Also important for athletes, it supports immune system functions that reduce oxidative stress and repair cellular damage.  Without the signaling molecules which your body naturally produces, antioxidants are completely ineffective.

There is no question that Glutathione is one of the most important actors in the body. It is essential for efficient cellular protection and function. Balanced ingestion of amino acids like L-Arginine and NAC (N-Acetyl Cysteine) are known to cause the cells to produce more Glutathione which can be beneficial in many areas of health and fitness.

However, there is another, possibly better way to naturally enhance Glutathione efficiency(as well as other antioxidants like SOD) in the cells through the ingestion of simple Redox Signaling molecules. These Redox Signaling molecules are safe and are quickly absorbed into the blood and tissues to not only stimulate the cells to increase the production of native Glutathione, but also to act as the helper molecules needed to dramatically increase the efficiency of the plentiful Glutathione molecules that are already there.

Redox Signaling molecules do not stop with Glutathione and SOD; they also open up and increase the efficiency of the inter-cellular communication channels needed for rapid healing, correct immune response, and efficient metabolism of oxygen. When in the correct balance (similar to the balance of Redox Signaling molecules produced by the mitochondria and enzymes inside every cell), these native Redox Signaling molecules are extremely safe, help the body reduce inflammation, deal with cellular damage, oxygenate tissues and respond quickly and efficiently to a wide variety of stressors in their environment. There is only one source of these Redox Signaling molecules outside the body, and that source is ASEA.

The balanced mixture of Redox Signaling molecules found in ASEA form the fundamental messengers of life that carry out the protect-repair-replace function in cells of all forms of life on the planet, from humans to even plants.

Test Results

Redox Signaling molecules open up and increase the efficiency of the inter-cellular communication channels needed to efficiently metabolize oxygen.

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  • 12% increase in time to Ventilatory Threshold
  • 3% Increase in VO2max
  • 2% Decrease in Heart Rate
  • 10% Increase in Time to VO2max
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